Team building

Unite your teams through an unforgettable shared experience


  • Outdoor team building.
  • Out-at-sea incentive.
  • Corporate & sailing seminar.
  • Business game.
  • Corporate regatta.
  • Nautical challenge.
  • Cocktail on board an old vessel.
  • On board night out.
  • Local regatta (corporate or sporting)
    (SNIM, Juriscup, baticup, V2E, Guérir en mer, etc…)
  • Possibility to add a conference.


  • Team cohesion.
  • Motivation.
  • Collective performance.
  • Team rewards.
  • Commercial challenges.

What is your need ?

For whom ?

  • Boards.
  • Executive committees.
  • Teams.
  • Salespeople.
  • Project managers.
  • Anyone that works for you.
  • From 2 to 250 participants.

Where ?

  • Marseille
  • Anywhere on a seafront (Méditerranée, Atlantique, Manche).
  • Abroad, on request.

How much ?

From 500 excluding VAT
per person per day.

When ?

Depends on your calendar
Contact us to settle an option.

You often talk about it

Better than us !

Besoin de renforcer les liens avec vos équipes ou vos clients ?
Créons ensemble votre évènement sur-mesure.

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